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Why Choose Us?

Our certificate is approved by the Ministry of Education and recognized worldwide.
Our teaching staff is already expert, having completed their master's degree on the field of 'Teaching Turkish to Foreigners'.
Our teachers are authors of the course books on their own field.
The teachers have had many years of experience while working abroad.
We use four main language skills equally, not only focusing on Grammar or Reading or the like; they are all sufficiently taught so that one can be ready for both academic and/or daily life in Turkey.
Our all classrooms are equipped with smart boards and air conditioners.
We have taught Turkish hundreds of people from different nations for years.
We launch new classes every month so that you will not be waiting for a long time to start
We have end of course exams and provide certificates to the students to ensure that they may use the certificate for any official and unofficial purposes.
We offer our classes throughout the whole day; we have morning, afternoon and evening classes as well as the weekend courses.
We are located in Mecidiyeköy, a central point and business district of Istanbul [only one minute walk away from the Mecidiyeköy metrobüs and metro stop].